Jackie Roman

A Sheltered Life

Jackie Roman

Self-Published, co-author Casey McGuire, 2011
Hardcover and Paperback
10x8" Landscape, perfect bound
A Sheltered Life is a photojournalistic exploration of three very different animal shelters in Brooklyn, New York, Trenton, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The photographs and interviews took place from November 2010 through August 2011.

The book features intimate portraits of animals that are helpless victims of cruelty and neglect, as well as interviews with the individuals who work selflessly to improve the lives of abused and abandoned animals. It also shows the inner workings of facilities that house both adoptable pets and animals that have been deemed to be of ill-temperament.

The images in A Sheltered Life illuminate the realities of animal homelessness, the ethics of euthanasia in inner city areas where overcrowded shelters have become a huge civic problem and examines the line between humane and inhumane facilities that are often left in the margins of government funding. Most importantly, it showcases the abundance of animals that patiently wait to be fostered or adopted into their forever
homes. Our mission is to raise awareness about these issues and motivate readers to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate to any of the featured shelters or their own local rescue organizations.
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